What is the Home & School Association (HSA)?

The Alfred Vail HSA is an organization of parents, guardians and teachers who through fundraisers and volunteerism offer programs that enrich our students learning experience and enhance our teachers teaching experience.  Programs we help support include yearly Author Visits, Book Fair, Field Day, Teacher Appreciation Luncheons, Lap Reading, Art & Science Fairs, 2nd Grade Book Club, Yearbook, Family Fun Night and much much more. 


Who is a member of the HSA?

Everyone.  If you are a parent or guardian you are already a member of the HSA!  Welcome!!


Should I come to the HSA meetings?

Yes!!!  You’ll get to hear the latest school and district news from our principal and HSA Board.   Frequently our HSA meetings feature specialized topics and wonderful collaborations with members of the school's staff and community members.  We look forward to meeting you soon.


Where and When are the HSA Meetings?

The HSA meetings for the 2015-2016 school year will be held in the evenings (7 pm) in the Alfred Vail Cafeteria.  Please see our 2015-16 School Calendar for a listing of all events. 


How else do we communicate to Parents?

In addition to our weekly email communications and monthly HSA meetings, Alfred Vail keeps and active and updated Facebook Page.  Please consider “liking us on Facebook.  You can reach our page by clicking https://www.facebook.com/AvsHsa .


I’d like to get involved.  How do I volunteer?

The HSA needs volunteers like you.  You can find out about current volunteer activities in the HSA weekly email, monthly HSA meetings as well as by emailing us.


How do I contact the HSA?

Email us anytime at alfredvailhsa@gmail.com or sign up here to receive our communications.


Home & School Association Officers

Lindsey Mathew President    
July Hery Vice President of Fundraising    
Christine Frost Vice President of Fundraising    
Janet Kellman Principal    
Patricia Hofmann Vice President of Committees    
Kristi Iglesias Vice President of Committees    
Amy Rozgony Vice President of Committees    
Suzanne Herzog Co-Treasurer    
JoAnna Skripak Co-Treasurer    
Michela Ross Secretary