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When your students log into their Chromebooks, you'll notice updated backgrounds that focus on Digital Citizenship. These backgrounds focus on the "Digital 3 MSD" - Be kind, be safe, be responsible. This initiative is also present at Frelinghuysen and the content within each of the 3 phrases will build as students progress through grade levels. Feel free to share this new phrase with your students and remind them of the importance Digital Citizenship both in the classroom and at home.

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* The levels of performance serve as a reference  and are written at the component, rather than the element, level of our rubric. While providing less detail, the component level descriptors capture all the essential information from those at the element level. These critical attributes, listed in the documents, provide guidance in distinguishing between practice at adjacent levels of performance.  Possible examples for each level of performance serve to illustrate the meanings of the rubric language. However, they should be regarded for what they are: possible examples. They are not intended to describe all the possible ways in which a certain level of performance might be demonstrated in the classroom; those are, of necessity, particular to each grade and subject. The possible examples simply serve to illustrate what practice can look like in a range of settings.

** This initial information outlines the SGO process. As updates from NJDOE become apparent it is important to visit the Achieve NJ webpage for further clarification.

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