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Building Goals

Focus: Alfred Vail School will focus on social emotional learning and wellness.

Rationale: New Jersey has identified five core social and emotional competencies. These competencies represent the outcome we want to achieve when engaging in social emotional learning efforts. The competencies are:

  • Self-awareness, which is the ability to recognize one’s emotions and know one’s strengths and limitations.
  • Self-management, which is the ability to regulate and control one’s emotions and behaviors, particularly in stressful situations.
  • Social awareness, which is the ability to take the perspective of others, demonstrate empathy, acknowledge and appreciate similarities and differences, and understand how one’s actions influence and are influenced by others.
  • Relationship skills, which refers to one’s ability to demonstrate pro social skills and behaviors in order to develop meaningful relationships and resolve interpersonal conflicts.
  • Responsible decision-making, which refers to the ability to use multiple pieces of information to make ethical and responsible decisions.

SMART Goal: By June 2020 there will be a reduction of K-2 reflection sheets completed compared to 2019.

Action Steps: Oversee the Administration of the following:

  • High quality instruction delivered by the staff in developing social and emotional competencies.
  • Provide staff with 80 morning meeting ideas for grade K-2 by Susan Lattanzi ( A tool for building relationships in the classroom)
  • Provide staff with professional development on Yoga 4 Classrooms to be implemented school wide.
  • Establish a culturally responsive practice team.
  • Provide staff with professional development on culturally responsive practice, driven by the teachings of Zerretta Hammond.
  • On a daily basis the entire school will participate in mindful moments.
  • Establish weekly words related to social, emotional feelings.



Focus: Alfred Vail School will focus on Math fact fluency for second grade.

Rationale: New Jersey Student Learning Standards for Math has identified fact fluency as a standard. Fluently add and subtract within 20 using mental strategies. By end of Grade 2, know from memory all sums of two one-digit numbers. During the 2019-2020 school year Alfred Vail is committed to ensuring mastery of basic math facts, addition and subtraction. Mastery of math facts frees up working memory to allow students to put forth more time and effort to take on higher level conceptual math problems.

SMART Goal: By June 2020 the following will be achieved on increasing math fact fluency:

  • An increased fluency average based on October data.
  • Execute guided math related to fact fluency.
  • Provide fluency stations in math rotations.

Action Steps:  Oversee the administration of the following:

  • Teachers will attend an initial reflex math webinar and a refresher mid-year.
  • Teachers will assess students in math fluency using reflex math.
  • Teachers will implement fact-based games to increase fact fluency.
  • Teachers will incorporate math energizers daily.
  • Facilitate discussions around reflex math data during PLC meetings.
  • Monitor reflex math usage.